Smart Apps That You Need in Hong Kong

Living in Hong Kong for nearly 2 years, I have discovered a couple of Smartphone Apps that are so ridiculously helpful that I wish I had known of them when I first arrived in Hong Kong. They include taxi translator, MTR, bus routes, food delivery, grocery shopping, restaurant bookings, and even apps to monitor the air quality. More importantly, most of the apps that I have personally picked out are totally free and are available in both English and Standard Chinese.

Eating Out

Open Rice

I use this app almost on a daily basis, especially when I am unfamiliar with the eateries nearby, I rely to discover different eateries based on my location and its cost. With the large community of self-proclaimed foodies, I can get reviews about the services, the worthiness of the eateries. They also provides reservation services, and if you are fortunate enough you might grab some exclusive discounts. The only downside would be the comments given are mostly in Cantonese or Mandarin, you might be lucky to find a few English reviews.


There are always a couple of days in a month that I am overloaded with assignments or just plain lazy. That’s when food delivery is always an alternative to fill my hunger pangs. Other than the usual fast-food delivery services we can get from McDonald’s, PizzaHut, PizzaBox and etc, there are delivery companies like foodpanda, deliveroo and uberEats, that deliver a variety of cuisines straight to your doorsteps, including New Territories and off-shore islands!



A localised Google Map, would be the best phrase to describe this app, however, it provides more accurate transports options and suggestions compared to Google. If you are always on the road, like myself, this is highly recommended. Sometimes taking buses or even mini-vans are more convenient than the MTR, though most of us are feel more secure travelling via the train. Fret not, CityMapper gives you really detailed direction and I have never lost my way while using it.


I find this to be a useful taxi hailing app, all you have to do is to enter your pick and drop off locations, and wait for the app to automatically match you up with a nearby driver. The app is useful only if you can converse in Mandarin or Cantonese because most of the local drivers have comprehend English really badly. However, if you have some basic Chinese this will be useful.



If you enjoy cooking but find it a hassle to do grocery shopping, you can find someone to do it for you! This shopping concierge app and website have more than 28 different Hong Kong stores, from supermarkets like Taste and USelect to speciality food retailers like Feather & Bone, which you can browse through, afterwards, a ‘concierge bee’ will collect your selected goods and delivers to you. How awesome!!!



Manages by the Hong Kong Observatory, weather forecast are being updated throughout the day with data collected from various monitoring station around Hong Kong. It also provides a 9-day forecast, keeping up-to-date weather warnings! This is exceptionally useful as Hong Kong weather is so unpredictable during Typhoon and Monsoon seasons, using this app I can easily manages my daily move about.

Hong Kong Air Pollution

I can get pretty uncomfortable when the air quality exceed the healthy level. With the help of this app, I can be informed of the current air quality in Hong Kong.

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