Area Guide: Lok Fu

If you are looking for accommodation that is close to CityU, you might consider Lok Fu as one of your options. Located just one station away from Kowloon Tong, Lok Fu offers a microcosm of Hong Kong’s history. The area was initially named Lo Fu Ngam (meaning Tiger’s Den), but it was changed after the last wild tiger was put down after mauling two police officers. After that accident, more than 40,000 residents voted to change the name of the estate to Lok Fu, which means happiness and wealth.

Demographically, as a part of the Wong Tai Sin District, Lok Fu has a population of 10.599 and is characterized by a large amount of public housing, which was built due to the massive immigration of Chinese people to the area in 1980’s. The interesting thing about Lok Fu is that it is bounded by Lion Rock Mountain, the Tate’s Cairn, and the Kowloon Peak. Here are some of the most useful facilities of Lok Fu:

Lok Fu Market

Located just above the Lok Fu MTR station, the market provides a one-stop shopping experience for students, offering a more diverse choice of groceries than the usual supermarket chains. The facilities which have been massively revitalized and upgraded provide a more hygienic and convenient marketplace. Don’t waste your chance: with just 10 dollars, you can have a taste of fresh and delicious oysters at the market.

Lok Fu Place

Lok Fu Place is a leisure and entertainment mall located in bustling Central Kowloon. With an anchor department store, a medical center, and various types of restaurants, Lok Fu Place is the perfect shopping destination for students. The dining spots there includes a popular noodle restaurant, a beloved bakery, fast food, European, and Japanese restaurants. If you are a too lazy to go to Megastores like IKEA Sha Tin, you might just take a walk to UNY department store.

Morse Park

Morse park is an urban park located in the Wong Tai Shin District with the total area of 15.8 hectares. The park was named after Sir Arthur Morse, who was the head of HSBC during the World War 2. The park’s flora is a combination of rare tropical palms and various arboretum species. In addition to its beautiful nature, the park facilities include a football field, an old fountain, butterfly corner, and the Amphitheatre.

Lok Fu Public Library

Take exit A at Lok Fu MTR station and you will find a library right next to you. Despite its size, the library might be your best option when the CityU library becomes overcrowded with stressed students. The features of the library include lending service, library catalog, adult library service, reader’s advisory services, internet and multimedia services, and government Wi-Fi services.

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