Best beaches in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s weather is somewhat polarizing, either making the entire city melt with blazing heat or covering the streets with cold and unpleasant rain. However, somewhere in between these two states, there’s a few days of blissful warmth, when the temperature will be too nice to even have small talk with your university classmates about. When these days come, get your nicest trunks and try to remember how to tense your abs without forgetting to breathe, because you are going to the beach!

Here are some of your nicest options:

  1. Big Wave Bay. Located near Shek O, Big Wave Bay is a perfect place for a calm, relaxing day at the beach. The beach itself is well-known for, you guessed it, its waves, making it a popular spot in the local surfer community; you can also rent a surfboard yourself in one of the stands nearby. The bay can also boast an abundance of nice local and Thai restaurants, which offer a wide range of great seafood.
  2. Cheung Sha Beach is one of the most beautiful places on Lantau island. Divided into two neighbouring beaches (Upper and Lower Cheung Sha beaches), this stretch of land is a gorgeous and peaceful spot. One of the best things about this beach is its size, which is huge, ensuring that you will always find a place further away from that depressing young couple with a crying child. My personal advice is to go to Cheung Sha somewhere around 3 p.m. on a really hot day and watch the sunset, because the unobstructed panoramic view there is stunning.
  3. Turtle Cove is most certainly a hidden gem of Hong Kong. Surrounded by tropical flora, this small beach is perfect for getting away from the crowded and noisy city. The only reasonable complaint about that bay would be regarding the lack of turtles, which is quite confusing.

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