Hidden Gems Off the MTR Map – Part 1

Location 1: Kowloon City (Part 1 out of 3)
Author: CHU Wing Yan Emily

Kowloon City is a relatively old part of Hong Kong and there are unknown treasures hidden in different parts of this neighbourhood.

To get there, you would need to take the green minibus 25M from the Kowloon Tong MTR Station (Exit G1 or Exit B) and get off at Fuk Lo Tsun Road. The journey takes approximately 15 minutes.

Kowloon City is famous for its authentic Thai cuisine, but other than Thai, there is also pretty decent Chiu Chow food available as there was a lot of the residents there were originally from the Chiu Chow province in the Mainland China and immigrated in to Hong Kong in the 1970s.


This restaurant is pretty famous for is soy braised geese and chickens, and in Cantonese, we call them “Lo Sui”, which literally means “Braised in Soya Sauce”. They also have soy braised eggs and tofu, which is also another choice for vegans. Seafood and Stir-fry dishes are also must-tries at the restaurant. There are also takeaway Lo Sui dishes such as soy braised geese wings and tofu slices which both taste amazing when served hot or chilled.

Address: G/F, No. 37-39 Lung Kong Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong


Another restaurant the locals love would be Islam Food. They have this amazing Veal Goulash, which has a crispy bread crust and moist, steamy hot inner veal filling, and the best part about this dish is that they are completely affordable, at only 17HKD each. I also recommend their Pot Pan with Scallions, which is another must-eat item when you visit this restaurant.

Address: 1 Lung Kong Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong


Chiu Chow Hop Shing Dessert has one of the best Cantonese desserts in Kowloon City. There are often extremely long queues outside the store after dinnertime and I can ensure you that the food is definitely worth the wait. Locals’ favourites include Lotus Seed Sweet Potato Sweet Glutinous Rice Balls Soup, which is served hot, and Green Bean Soup, which can be served chilled or hot.

Address: Lung Kong Road, No.9, Kowloon, Hong Kong

More restaurants and destinations would be mentioned in Part 2 of the Kowloon City series so please stay tuned!

*Extra tips (how to get back to the MTR stations from Kowloon City:

Bus: 1, 1A (Prince Edward/Mong Kok MTR Stations)

Green minibuses: 25M (Kowloon Tong MTR Station)

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