Hidden Gems Off the MTR Map – Part 2

Hidden gems off the MTR map
Location 1: Kowloon City (Part 2 out of 3)

Continuing on where we left off in the last article, there’s more good food waiting to be discovered in the old district of Kowloon City. Just in case you missed out on the last article, here’s a short recap:

Kowloon City is not on any of the MTR lines and not much non-locals know about the place because it is not one of those “must-go” touristy places in Hong Kong, but if you want to experience what the life of a local is like, I absolutely recommend visiting this place for its good food and to get know one of the oldest districts in town. One of the fastest ways to get to Kowloon City from the CityU Campus in Kowloon Tong would be to take the green minibus 25M and get off at the Kowloon City Municipal Building.


The first place I would love to recommend going this time, would be the Yee Heung Bean Products Company, which is located right across the Kowloon City Municipal Building. They serve one of the best tofu pudding desserts in town, and I personally love their unsweetened soymilk – it’s the perfect beverage for breakfast. It is always packed with people no matter what time of the day as it serves all types of meals throughout the day, ranging from soya bean milk and side dishes for main courses as well as bean curd puddings for desserts.


Address: No. 74 Nga Tsin Long Road, Kowloon,


Kowloon City is also known as “Little Thailand” due to its large amount of Thai residents in the area, and there are also a lot of Thai grocery shops as well as restaurants in the area. A large array of ingredients and spices are also available at the stores here and you’ll definitely find all the necessities you need to add that hint of authenticity to your Thai dish.

Address: Shing Nam Road, Kowloon

Thai restaurants could also be found right across the street to the grocery stores if you don’t fancy cooking your own, and the cuisine they serve there are just as authentic as the ones you get in Thailand.

As a huge snacker myself, I am always on the hunt for the buried treasures within the realms of a supermarket, but no matter how much I love trying new food, nothing beats the old-fashioned snacks that Hong Kongers love eating back in the 1970s-1980s. There is this tuck shop near the cluster of Thai stores and they sell a huge variety of local snacks that definitely brings back nostalgic childhood memories of most Hong Kong locals. Some personal favourites include the peanut candy and these colourful-looking bite-size biscuits –each colour represents a different taste and they all taste equally good and are absolutely heavenly.


Address: Carpenter Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

More restaurants and destinations would be mentioned in Part 3 of the Kowloon City series so please stay tuned!

*Extra tips (how to get back to the MTR stations from Kowloon City:

Bus: 1, 1A (Prince Edward/Mong Kok MTR Stations)

Green minibuses: 25M (Kowloon Tong MTR Station

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