Hong Kong Street Food and Market

Have you explored Hong Kong’s street food markets? “Dai Pai Dongs” (English: small food stalls) sell different types of  famous Chinese cuisine and best of all they are available in almost every Hong Kong neighbourhood. You will experience not only the aroma of sizzling dishes, but also the crowds where you will share a table with the strangers. There are some varieties to begin with: seafood, dim sum, roasted meats, noodles, snacks, sweets and desserts.

Although there are so many food stalls in every district, there are some which are known for the varieties and the atmosphere:

  1. Yau Mau Tei: Temple Street Night Market

While Ladies Market is a popular tourist attraction, only few students know about this busiest night market in Hong Kong. There are so many stalls with outside seating close to the Temple Street. Of course, you will probably see local people enjoying their seafood with their favorite Tsing Tao beers. Daily 7-11pm

  1. Sham Sui Po: Li Kung Street

Seeking for a truly local experience might be a better idea of some foreign students. If so, head to Sham Sui Po and join the lunchtime with market workers and fabric salesmen at the wooden tables. There are some stand-out option of Dai Pai Dongs called Keung Kee. You will find the delicious boiling vats of chicken stew there. Daily 7:30am – 9pm.

  1. Central: Midlevels Escalator and Graham Street

Situated right in the heart of Central, a collection of Dai Pai Dongs offers a more decent quality of street food. However, be aware. This place gets so crowded by office workers during lunch period 12:30 – 2:00pm, and it might be better for you to avoid those times. Daily 6:30am – 8pm.

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