Weekend in Guangzhou on a Budget

Travelling, more than any other activity, might be a priority for some exchange students. Whether you prefer the calmness of nature or the joy of a loud party, Guangzhou should be on your Asia bucket list.

Recently, I have been to Guangzhou myself to see the city during the Mid-Autumn festival. My impromptu trip to the city was an unforgettable experience: Guangzhou offers a great mixture of ancient and contemporary China and, importantly, is very affordable.

The trip to Guangzhou will only take two hours by train, so you can surely explore the city over the weekend. To prepare for your journey, you will need to get a Chinese visa (I suggest applying for multiple entry, if you will explore other parts of the country), priced at 300HKD, and a train ticket that will cost about 400HKD. You will be able to purchase the ticket on the MTR website.


One of the most enjoyable aspects of Guangzhou is the abundance of delicious and affordable food. For instance, a steamed fish straight from the aquarium costs around 40RMB (60HKD), and you can share it with 2-3 people. Want some barbecue? Great, because you will find the best Shao Kao griller (skewers) in Guangzhou. These little street-food delicacies can be made from almost anything: pork belly, beef, mushrooms, seafood, bread, etc.


Of course, Guangzhou offers a lot more than just food. Other things I would suggest you check out include:

  • Canton Tower
  • Baomo scenery
  • Famous streets such as Beijing Lu (Beijing road)


Transportation in Guangzhou is a lot cheaper than it is in Hong Kong – taxis will charge about half of what they charge here – so you will be able to move around the city faster. Don’t miss out!


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