Places to Study and Get Work Done: Ping Shan Tin Shui Wai Public Library

Studying can get boring, especially when you study at the same location repeatedly. It can be massively helpful to break out of your studying routine by finding new places to study at. It turns out that there are places in Hong Kong that can offer you just that. Ping Shan Tin Shui Wai Public Library (屏山天水圍公共圖書館), for instance, is a place perfect place to get your mind flowing.

Ping Shan Tin Shui Wai Public Library first opened its doors back in 28 February 2013. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the magnificence of its award-winning minimalistic design making it look foreign in comparison to its surrounding (which can also be a cool photo spot). Being the second largest public library in Hong Kong, it offers the first and only outdoor reading area where you can soak in the sunlight and fresh air.

The library offers a wide range of facilities and services.  The most interesting thing about this library is that there are separate dedicated libraries for children, young adults, and adults, giving you the freedom to choose which library suits you the most instead of putting everything together. If you prefer to study or work indoors, there is also a study room that can host 228 people. There is also a coffee corner where you can buy beverages or simply take a break. Other facilities include book borrowing, renewal service, internet express terminals and Wi-Fi.

The library has a collection of about 270,000 Chinese and English books and over 15,000 audio materials and CD-ROMs for home borrowing, as well as about 30,000 reference materials including Hong Kong and district collections, general reference books, dictionaries, and directories. There are also more than 400 local and international newspaper databases for you to choose from.

Overall, it is a terrific place to camp at when the deadlines are approaching. Tell your friends to relocate with you, because exams are right behind the corner!

Where is it? High Block, Ping Shan Tin Shui Wai Leisure and Cultural Building, 1 Tsui Sing Road, Tin Shui Wai


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