OPSA builds a home away from campus

DSC09081 1Vladimir Baskov, graduated in 2014 as an Asian and International Studies major, shared with the participants about how his experience at CityU facilitates his career development.

What a pleasant occasion to have non-local alumni, current students, faculty and staff altogether after a few years from graduation, bringing back fond memories of many old faces!

DSC09097 1.jpgBrenda Jiang, an Accountancy graduate in 2009, now working in Shenzhen, also came back to share her work-life experience with OPSA students.

Non-local alumni came back to campus to join the Spring Reception organized by the “Off-campus Peer Support Ambassadors” programme (OPSA) last Friday. It was intended to connect the students living off campus with those non-local alumni who have been working and living in Hong Kong since their graduation from CityU.

The alumni cherished greatly their old good times at CityU and at the same time treasured the opportunity  to contribute themselves to help the next generation. Students who attended the Reception also found the event interesting and useful in tapping the seniors’ working and living experience in Hong Kong. This is what OPSA is all about – building a home away from campus!

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OPSA – Connect, Communicate & Cultivate A Home Away From Campus!

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tuned.jpgOPSA Student Hosts are ready to build a home away from campus with you!

You are also welcome to contribute your ideas and let us know your needs. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us by email.


OPSA: Not Just A Place To Rest Your Head 點只住Hall咁簡單之非一般宿舍OPSA

“I have no regret in joining this programme.” Éliane Hébert (Canada) said in the Farewell Party of Off-campus Peer Support Accommodation (OPSA), held on 5 December 2016.

Diverse and Multicultural Background
Four undergraduate students, from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Russia and Singapore, were recruited as Student Hosts to provide peer support to twelve exchange students from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Mainland China, Spain and the Netherlands who joined the OPSA programme in Semester A 2016-17.

Eat, Play, Live
OPSA participants lived together in a cosy and well-facilitated environment at Campus Hong Kong, a private student accommodation in Tsuen Wan. Welcoming Party, Mooncake Party and Farewell Party were organised by the Student Hosts, fostering bonding of OPSA members. True friendship is built through OPSA because students do not only have a place to rest their heads but also a community to live in and get to know Hong Kong and the people better.

Let’s hear what OPSA participants say at GSO website or YouTube.

OPSA is not just a place to rest your head but also a community to nurture life-long friendship
(photo taken at OPSA Farewell Party, 5 December 2016).

Dinner gathering hosted by OPSA Student Hosts at Campus Hong Kong, 27 October 2016.
Exchange students from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Mainland China, Spain and the Netherlands joined OPSA@Campus Hong Kong in Semester A 2016-17.
OPSA collaborates with Campus Hong Kong where student residents enjoy state-of-the-art facilities.
Participants said OPSA is one of their best memories at CityU
(photo taken at the Farewell Party on 5 December 2016).